Getting rid of blank spaces

So inspired by my #NaNoWriMo book I decided that I was not writing enough – 50000 words in one month while juggling twin 1 year olds and a 4 year old.

Many thanks to my partner whose comments yesterday summed up the writing effort: During NaNo you write when you are able and when you aren’t really able too as well.

My current project has taken a life of its own, my main characters keep on surprising me with where they want to take this book – I would protest but to be honest, they have a better story to tell than the one I had originally thought up.

So what am I using this blog for – well it seems easy to have grand Ideas when you start a project, test of time will be reading this in a few years time …

However aside from these general rambles I will post about my current gaming experiences.

Like many gamers my play time went from excessive to nearly 0 when my children were born and it has taken many major and even more minor adjustments to my gaming life to fit in a smattering of games around a busy family life.

As I can here that a twin woke and needs some food ill leave my first blog filler there. 


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