The Class Challenge Part 1

So after deciding to do a play x class challenge I thought about some rules:

1. Game has to be free to play

2. I will play the class for a Min of 10 levels and then write up my initial thoughts, if the game allows skipping level content I’ll write about higher level when able.

3. I’m going to rate the games on the following:

a. Feel of the class – how true its it to the general tropes of the class

b. Easy of play – intuitive for someone who hates reading instructions (its a guy thing)

c. Type of play – solo friendly, group based, tough support class etc

d. Fun – is it fun to play

e. Its place in its world – does the class interact in a special way with the world, is it shunned, revered, killed on sight or have a special club it gets to hang out in etc


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