What is a collective of necromancer called?

Maybe a Crypt of Necromancers or a Funeral of Necromancers?

Anyway here are the characters I have been/will be playing on my necroathon.

Guild Wars II

Level 6 currently – Norn Necro with her pets – for guild wars 2 I am only picking summoning spells when I have the option.



Everquest 1

The oldest game by far of the necromantic collection – still it has some style (and very confusing controls)



Everquest II

Every game needs Ratonga! 

The first screen shot is my level 12 Ratonga Necromancer – at the start of a glorious career in death dabbling. 

The second screen shot is a auto 85 darkelf that I made to show some of the nice updates you get. I really like that my undead gets a horse at this level!







And finally Rift – a game I tend to use as my potter about in game – well actually every MMO I play falls into that category these days – the 2 days a week, 6 hour raiding is a distant memory!

And nothing says necromancer more than a bowler hat!



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