So far so undead!

Well my first week of the necromancer party has been interesting; Everquest1 is definitely a lot more effort to get into than others due to many factors but mostly age and old school systems 😀

Briefly here are some thoughts on each of the necromancers so far.

Age of conan

The necromancer starts off without any minion, at level 5 you get to summon some skinless fiends to assist you in your adventures.  The game makes no special interest that you are walking around with two flailed dead people – bars are open, local population unphased by rotting flesh and swams of flies. I guess people in conan had seen a lot of brutal things so the walking dead – pft old news.

Guildwars 2

Same deal as in AoC our necromancer is just another friendly adventurer to chat too – never mind the floating sack of bone-laced entrails besides you. I know it takes effort but it is a lot more fun when games respond to your character choices in some meaningful way: throw rocks, shut up shop, flee in horror etc rather than act like you are just an awkward uncle who has made some inappropriate slight at the dinner table.

Everquest 1

A human necromancer use to be killed on sight in the good cities in EQ, instead of trading with the commoners you had to sneak through the sewers to a haven of evil npcs that would trade to you – the guards that were all your other classes friends would actually stop chopping beetles to chop you up instead.  In the revamp you start as a prisoner in a generic dungeon filled with a mixture of races that should be sticking hot pokers into each other rather than sitting calmly helping adventurers about – still it is a tutorial and the game sure needs one so I can forgive it for now, hopefully when I port out to town a guard will try and decapitate me!



In Everquest2 the necromancer is the evil race option for the conjuror – at release the game had tiers of classes that you unlocked as you leveled – including class quests to open the necromancer or conjuror at level 20.

After the game had been out a while, and World of Warcraft was making some serious dents in other mmo’s sub numbers the devs began to see the short comings of forcing people to repeat the same 20 levels over and over just to try a different class branch. They revamped the system to allow you to pick your end class at level 1 – in theory the tier system was a great idea, in reality it was a pain to go through.  

As with EQ1 the necromancer like all evil classes is killed on sight in the good towns, unfortunately from what I have seen almost every city now is neutral so the real impact of your evil/good decision has much less game play effect – this is probably like the tier system mentioned above – great on paper/planning meeting, cruddy when it comes to actually being a player in the world.


As necromancer is a talent tree it has the same zero impact on your interaction with the world like AoC and GW2. The talent tree themes are all dark and evil, you get some nice shadows and skulls bobbing about and the pet looks dang sexy (for a dead guy /cough).

Well that is the update so far:

So onward and upwards, next stop is level 10; given that I have a book to write and a short story to get done over the weekend in time to get it published in an anthology my gaming time might as always be a little squeezed.

Has anyone else got some interesting stories or favorite moments from their gaming time with the master of the dead, drop me a post or tweet me @mylin1


2 thoughts on “So far so undead!

  1. C. T. Murphy says:

    I look forward to your findings. In my own personal experience, I am partial to Everquest 1’s Necromancers. They are effectively one of the games best solo classes, and they do so by ‘reverse kiting’. Basically, they DOT something up and make it run away from them via Fear. If that doesn’t perfectly capture the essence of being a Necromancer in MMO mechanics terms, then I don’t know what does!

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