The Class Challange part II – All about the Bard

So with the dust settling from the dash through necromancers its time to turn my attention to a slightly less morbid topic, perhaps the furthest from raising dead as I can go: bards!

So as with the necro challenge before it the bard class will be taken for a test run across a selection of games and ill do a closing thoughts after a week or so of game time (deadlines, children, life depending)

As always ill rate the game on the following:

a. Feel of the class – how true its it to the general tropes of the class

b. Easy of play – intuitive for someone who hates reading instructions

c. Type of play – solo friendly, group based, tough support class etc

d. Fun – is it fun to play

e. Its place in its world – does the class interact in a special way with the world, is it shunned, revered, killed on sight or have a special club it gets to hang out in.

So the games I’m going to run with:



Dungeon and Dragons Online

Everquest 1

Everquest 2 *

Lord of the Rings online


As per the necromancer challenge if I have missed off your favorite bard in a game then let me know!

Next post ill have some screen shots of the new challengers

*Everquest 2 has two types of bard, the troubadour  and the dirge – I already have a 66th level dirge so Ill make a new troubadour and then compare both sides of the coin.


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