The parade of bards – screenshots of the class challenge II characters

And so the collection of characters grows – I am having some issues with Aion – hopefully Ill get it sorted and be able to keep it in the challenge but things aren’t looking too good with it crashing on launch.


Screenshot casting one of my buffs, this is right after the introduction mission and my orc bard is level 4. It is really nice in the game how you get to be very bard-like right from level 1.


Dungeon and Dragons Online

Everquest 1

Having done the introduction escape from jail and first quest chains my bard is level 4 and has some very blue quest armour. Interesting enough bards in Everquest 1 wear plate unlike Everquest2 where they are restricted to chain.


Everquest 2

One Halfling Troubadour and a rather large collection of toadstools – this is at level 1 without doing anything other than logging in and finding a mushroom to climb.


Lord of the rings online

I had just finished the intro quests and been left to my own devices in this pleasant looking village – as I could not find any giant toadstools to climb I settled for a veranda



And finally nothing like a dwarven bard to fill me full of cheer – this is just after the introduction which left me at level 9 (although I did have some big xp boots potions)



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