DDo is out of focus


I was saying on twitter that it was mind blowing how a company could make a D&D game so poorly but that is exactly what turbine have managed to do.

The hazy graphics with weird bloom/lighting is just intolerable – its like watching a 1950’s romantic movie, with the lenses on the camera all hazy to make the actress look more attractive – it doesn’t work for me in movies, it doesn’t work for me in my mmo’s.

I know they get a lot of grief over their butt ugly characters in lotro, it seems to be an artistic knack they have, but at least in lotro the game itself is engaging and the hobbits, men and dwarves are tolerable for the most part.

I know World of Warcraft is working hard at revamping its character models at first I thought it was a pity that Turbine could not do the same . On reflection it would be a waste of money that I doubt they have.

On a side note I think its a waste of money and time for WoW too. Unless they can fundamentally change their low polygon game to fit in with the new character models its just going to make the old world look incredibly ugly. As you spend a large amount of your time with your character covered in armour of various types how much benefit outside of being afk in a bank are these new models actually going to bring.

I would predict a brief oooh and aaaah over them quickly followed by people forgetting what the old ones looked like – not great bang for buck at all.

Anyway, side note done, I wont be playing the bard further in D&Do I have enough game play time now to know where I would rank it come the final review.







2 thoughts on “DDo is out of focus

  1. Telwyn says:

    It’s a very old game now of course, but I agree with the sentiment. The key failure of DDO for me though is not the character models or weird blurred graphics. It’s the fact they took a story-centric hobby and made the game about repetitive dungeon-grinding; repeating the same dungeons on different difficulty settings. No open world, no expansive stories or lore that isn’t directly tied into dungeon crawling. It’s blows my mind how badly they missteped on this.

    The simluation of 3rd edition is very good, and the adaptation to realtime combat isn’t half bad either. I *loved* the multiclassing customisation options and the use of action points as mini-dings to give the illusion of progress without super-fast leveling was also pretty clever. But how they could base a game on D&D without making story front and centre I find hard to understand. Even the console diablo-clone series Baldur’s Gate Alliance has more story-telling than DDO!…

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