Building a druid in TESO – pre class challenge rambles

Big thank you to those that took the time to send me a twitter vote – the winning class was Druid.

Druids as a class were always very popular in my pen and paper D&D groups. They combined healing magic with the ability to shape-change into beasts and later on elementals. Of course it being D&D most of the time the druids were forced to memories as many cures spells as they could because no one wanted to play a cleric!

Although not part of the class challenge I did have the opportunity to make a “druid” in The Elderscrolls online.

Using the Nightblade as a base class and combining it with a mixture of light + medium armour (and some heavy bracers because they were better than rags I had been wearing)

From the Nightblade class I took points into Siphoning. This tree gives you some nice buffs/debuffs and a self heal which is useful for caster like dps and covers off the offensive “druid” powers.

As weapon I took the restoration staff which is the only weapon option if you are going to be a non Templar healer. The staff gives direct heals, area of effect heals and some ward buffs.

The Good

It might just be a me thing but I find I have the most fun in games with non traditional builds. The Nightblade druid was the most fun I’ve had in TESO and it gives me a lot more hope for the games future than the first couple of beta characters I had played.

The healing was good enough to cover any situation I encountered during questing. Although this is definitely not an end game review the restoration staff has enough skills to cover main healing from what I have observed/read.  That being said I am sure that there will be “optimal build” backlash from serious raiders/pvpers if it unperformed when compared to a Templar.

The Bad

One weapon choice for a role is weak. It makes no sense given that it takes a significant investment in the weapon to unlock its abilities that the healing skill set could not be across multiple weapons with players having a choice to open either a tanking, dps or healing skill on the weapon with their points. Heck you could even lock it as one once its opened or have an experience point penalty to learning multiple skill paths.

This just removes player choice – every healer outside of a Templar is forced to take restoration staff. Removing choice from players just because of your skill system is IMHO bad game design.

Same applies for the light/medium/heavy armour skill sets – why have a single ability set on each type – why can I not have + magicka plate/leather – the game is forcing casters into light armour for the caster bonuses and that is bad game design.

In a new AAA mmo set in the Elderscroll world I would expect more build options, more creativity and more encouragement of unusual builds – instead we have a bland design that is forcing one of the most generic game playing styles I have encountered – even World of Warcraft has more class/gear choices than TESO.

Finally below are some screenshots of my Druid during beta.

Its still a fun class but as so often with TESO it feels half done and leaves me with so many “It could have been so much more” feelings.

TESO druid 2 TESO druid 1


2 thoughts on “Building a druid in TESO – pre class challenge rambles

  1. Mama Druid says:

    Greetings! I’m wondering if you have an update on this – did you end up playing a “druid” after the game launched? I’m looking into ways it can be done and have not come across any examples of anyone actually playing one. Thank you.

    • melbrankin says:

      Nothing more up to date sorry – after beta I didnt play for ages – have been back into the game and working on seeing how far I can take the “druid” and any other weird ideas I can.

      When I have an update ill post!

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