Class Challenge Three – Druids!

For druids I hope to spend a little more time leveling each one in order to get some group content in. The short story I was working on is in now and I only have; my book, 3 children, a full time job and partner to distract me from gaming!

So the Druids are from the following games:

Dark age of Camelot

Currently fighting to get it to accept my account details – I had a mythic account with warhammer online but the reset isn’t working.

DC Universe

Nature power set – playing this game without a controller is horrible but we shall see if some superhero fun can be had as a druid in tights.


Everquest 1

Goal of this challenge is to get out of the tutorial jail zone and see some of the world. I would have just created at the starting city but it leaves you with no gear!


Everquest 2

There are two druids – fury and warden – ill go with warden as it feels more druidish to me. I am also going to go with a 85 instant character and see how it plays.



Druid build is part of the priest soul – unlike the other druids the Rift druid is a pet dps class.


Vanguard saga of heroes

Before Vanguard sunsets I’ll head into one of my fav alt games for a final dash about.


World of Warcraft

Using the free trial account I have made a dapper worgen, well soon to be worgen as you start of as a human in the newbie zone.


Unfortunately Dungeons and Dragons druid is a premium feature which has to be purchased in their cash store so ill not be covering it.


4 thoughts on “Class Challenge Three – Druids!

  1. C. T. Murphy says:

    DCUO is fine without a controller, you just need to get used to it.

    It may be worth it to play both Fury and Warden in EQ2. Warden specs better for melee and the Fury is closer to a mage. I really liked the Fury as it is a healer that does reasonable DPS, while still maintaining that Druid theme of Nature. It’s good to see the more fearful side of Nature represented.

    • melbrankin says:

      I can control DCUO without one yes, just makes me feel like I should be playing it with one!

      Time dependent Ill have a look at the fury as an instant 85, that is the nice thing about EQ2 but i do want to also give the newbie experience too and that might be too similar?

      there is a reasonable argument for giving an overview of the 4 wow druid trees too which I’m still considering.

  2. melbrankin says:

    It will depend on how easy it is to swap between them I guess. If I recall correctly its a small fee to change specialization. Cat was interesting to raid with in wotlk but I cant say I’ve played it much since hehe.

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