Another Elderscrolls Beta weekend

I’m still on the fence about TESO. There is a bit to like about the game and I am assured by several people that the game opens up significantly at 15th level.

That being said I have made no secret of my dislike of the starting tutorial jail – yes its mercifully short if you don’t want to loot any barrels but it is one of the most cliche starts to a game I’ve played.

On the positive side the option to build various “unusual combinations” of classes does appeal. I really enjoyed my Nightblade Healer AKA my Druid.

So for the final beta weekend I am going to work on one or several odd builds.

So what should I build?

Arcane Archer:    Sorcerer + bow + medium armour

Shadowknight:    Nightblade + sword&board + heavy armour

Battlemage:          Dragonknight + spell staff + light/heavy armour  or Sorcerer + sword& board  + heavy armour

Paladin:                 Templar + two handed weapon + heavy armour

Monk:                     Templar + dual wield + medium armour

Any other builds people would like to see me try?


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