Unnessessary Tweaking TESO

The elderscrolls online already had one of the least fun (imho) introduction tutorials. Something I would struggle to work through with more than one character. But upon launching the new beta today I discovered to my dismay that they have managed to make it less fun.

In the first version you got to choose your weaponry from a bunch of weapon racks – this allowed you access to whatever build you were working towards straight away. As of this release you get the same “Choose your weapons from among the weapon racks” voice over and the choice of a sword.

For anyone who is wondering – your weapons are opened up as skill trees meaning the sooner you start with your chosen skill set the quicker you can unlock abilities. Given that my sorcerer was to be an arcane archer I would have chosen a bow but instead I need to pick up a sword. I actually threw the sword away and punched things in the face. It was a little more satisfying and didn’t waste time improving a skill I didn’t want.

It is a small change but for someone sitting on the fence about the title it was enough to make me doubt what the end game will be like – if you cannot get your introduction right, what hope do I have for you getting the rest of the game right.

For anyone firmly invested in TESO game this will not be a big thing.

For someone who is considering the game but not decided it was the final push away that I needed to decide to park the game.


8 thoughts on “Unnessessary Tweaking TESO

  1. C. T. Murphy says:

    That’s pretty silly. I hated when I played how I couldn’t switch weapons around or just pick them all up to try out. It’s pretty smart to not make it a character select choice, but they go about it a bit wrong.

    • melbrankin says:

      There is a load of forum rage over the changes. ZM felt that giving people options was confusing…because Elderscroll games never give options like that it seems *cough*

  2. Xannziee says:

    I played it 2 weeks before i parked it. Nice graphic and combat but I have more fun in the Rift 🙂 not enough time to jump games either:):)

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