Class Challenge 4 – Priests (The Secret World’s blood healer)

The closest thing to a priest I could find in TSW was blood magic.

Below is my blood mage with her trusty pistols and book of magic – because nothing says healer like books, blood and guns…




Talking to the locals can get a little heated at times – it pays to pack a reasonable arsenal even as a healer!

2014-04-13_00003 2014-04-13_00004


The blood magic section of the character. Apart from a small distraction into pistols I have been working my way through the blood magic of the ability wheel.



The blood magic adds healing wards much like a discipline priest in world of warcraft. These get boosted by skills and passive abilities.

I did find that the healing so far was rather weak but that could be a combination of my noobness and the low level of abilities I have worked though.

2014-04-13_00007 2014-04-13_00006


Healing in action

I do look like I am surrounded by a giant eyeball of blood – ah TSW you do things with so much style!




2 thoughts on “Class Challenge 4 – Priests (The Secret World’s blood healer)

  1. pkudude99 says:

    Just found your blog today, so sorry if this is a late-comer comment 😉

    The 3 “healing weapons” in TSW are all supposed to be able to be used as a primary, but in practice while you’re leveling up Fist is your best primary heal with Blood working as a decent secondary/supplemental. This is not to say that Blood can’t be primary, just that in practice the “rolling HoTs” that you can do with Fist will put out more healing with less effort, with the occasional Blood barrier to help with damage spikes.

    Assault Rifle is theoretically possible to use all along as well, but in practice the leech-style heals require you to be doing levels of damage only possible once you’re nightmare-geared, so Rifle is considered to be more of a late-game healing build. And yes, Blood makes a good secondary weapon for Rifle as well.

    Something else that helps, regardless of which weapon you’re using, is to be sure that for Fist and Blood you’ve got as much Heal Rating on your talismans as you can, while with an Assault Rifle you want to balance about 50/50 Attack/Heal. Without as much HR as you can get, though, healing will always feel very underpowered. While solo, it’s often suggested to use a piece or 2 of healing gear, if you’re using self-heals at all, otherwise they do so little for you that you may as well not have them.

    • melbrankin says:

      Thanks and welcome!

      It is very interesting system but one that is a little easy to go down the wrong path in. I love free form games but TSW freedom becomes a curse when you get a few weeks in and start to hit a wall and need to go back and repeat content to get enough AP and SP to tweak a build.

      Of course you can do research – I recommenced that hehe but from a newbie hitting the game I try and see if I can understand the mechanics without resorting to google.

      thanks for the nice healing info 🙂

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