Class Challenge four – Priests (Neverwinter)

Neverwinter is based in one of the iconic D&D cities of the sword coast in the world of Faerûn. The city keeps snow free due to a sizable volcanic activity around and under the city.

Perfect world followed D&D online in many of the basic ideas of their game but have added a lot more polish and better graphics than DDo ever managed.

The priest from Neverwinter is the devoted cleric:




Neverwinter is an action mmo which means it plays a lot like TERA and Guildwars2. You get a right and left mouse button action without any recast timer, several abilities with a recast timer that generally do a lot more than your mouse abilities and one big spell that takes time and resources to recharge. These are meant to represent the 4th edition D&D at wills, encounter and daily powers. It is up for debate how well they do this but I think that DDo has already shown how difficult a beast D&D is to move from pen and paper and into the mmo world.


Zap with the lance of light thingie that you spam when you have your circle hovering on the mob – its much more active than tab targeting – honest…



The second ability is a healing debuff that you cast on the mob. When you attack it you recover a small amount of health.


At first most battles are simply a matter of casting the healing debuff and spamming lance of faith. Later on boss creatures have telegraphed attack markers on the ground (like wildstar, gw2 etc) that you need to double tap movement to dodge out of.


As you gain levels you begin to fill out your talent trees to specialize your devoted cleric.

2014-04-15_00013 2014-04-15_00012


One thing I will say for Neverwinter – for the most part it is a good looking game. I think they did a bit of a turbine and made characters less detailed than their surrounds but overall they are a huge step up from lotro or ddo characters. (however this is a reasonably modern game so I should give the turbine games a bit of a break!)





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