A very rambling guide to Everquest2 Instant 85 characters

Having not found any up to date information about the boosted 85 characters I decided to take a ramble at it myself.

Disclaimer is that I am just focusing on reducing confusion, soloing and getting a character to progress in an ok way for a beginning character. This is not meant to be a detailed class guide but if there is some demand I will detail some of the more characters starting with the ones I initially found rather confusing.

When the instant 85’s were announced I set out and tried every class at 85 and rated them on a novices ability to solo them. I came up with the list below which is in my opinion a reasonable order of solo-friendliness. From what I found all classes could solo quest mobs without too many issues so I focused instead on soloing the heroic skeletons, named skeleton and instance creatures around the tower in the 85 starting zone.

None of the out of the box characters could solo an instance ^^^ heroic mob.



The initial setup

Below is my newbie recommended setup for your class that you can avoid a few gotcha’s with.

1. load your ui with the suggested load_heroic_ui <class> then right click on all the large hotbars as below and clear them.



2. Open up your Alternative Achievement list. Read through them and unless you have purchased the dragon expansion change your AA template from solo to custom as the solo template assigns points into the dragon AA even though you cannot use them without the expansion so you can end up wasting aa points. If you dont feel up to assigning your own AA then leave it as solo but be aware that at some stage you are going to need to either buy the expansion or assign them yourself.

3. Once you are happy with the AA commit the template to load the abilities



4. Open up your skills (k) and sort them by showing the highest only and begin to add them back to the hotbars as below.



5. I tend to have single target damage and debuffs on hotbar1, critical abilities and aoe damage on hotbar2, buffs and misc skills on the other hotbars.



Below is the list of characters and their solo ability – all characters could solo quest content without too much issue but I wanted to see how well each would do against the ^^ heroics around the frozen tower and the ^^ named heroic on the ice besides the tower.


Class Outside Heroic Named Undead
Wizard Yes Yes
Warden Yes Yes
Templar Yes Yes
Ranger Yes Yes
Paladin Yes Yes
Inquisitor Yes Yes
Warlock Yes Sometimes
Shadow Knight Yes Sometimes
Necromancer Yes Sometimes
Conjuror Yes Sometimes
Illusionist Yes No
Brigand Yes No
Troubadour Sometimes No
Swashbuckler Sometimes No
Mystic Sometimes No
Monk Sometimes No
Guardian Sometimes No
Fury Sometimes No
Dirge Sometimes No
Defiler Sometimes No
Coercer Sometimes No
Bruiser Sometimes No
Berserker Sometimes No
Assassin No No




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