Class Challenge Four – Priests (Allods)



In Allods you get the choice of either a priest or a heretic depending on your faction. I chose the empire which allowed me to make the Arisen Heretic (the undead/machine Egyptian themed race that looks very similar to the Wildstar Mordesh



From what I saw the healers on either faction shared the same talent points and skills so it was a matter of finding a race that looked fun to play.


By level 15 I had one healing spell and a couple of damage spells – one direct damage and one dot and finally a melee attack ability. It was serviceable but not exactly exciting. The spells, especially the healing, are able to be disrupted with melee damage which delays their casting.  Often I found if I needed to heal in combat it was more likely than not I would end up as below.


On the upside purgatory looked rather snazzy:



Once I had discovered that I had a bunch of talent points I should assign the actual questing was fairly easy to achieve.





As with most of the game Allods has a very standard looking character profile. I did notice that it gave me a low stamina warning but did not suggest any attribute or gear solutions which was a little less useful that it could be.








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