Class Challenge Four – Priests (TERA)

I played TERA in beta and thought the game had some potential but a huge problem with its style of graphics for the west.  Two years later it is free to play but seems to have a reasonable community of people still playing it.

I chose a male priest because I dislike the near_nude_is_best_for_women “Style” of TERA – its a personal choice.


Really…and they even went to the effort to make up lore about no clothing on females!




It was touted as an ACTION MMO but to me its combat has always been disconnected and stilted mainly due to the inability to move during combat casting.  Which often leads me to getting a big slice of action mmo in my face. The combat isnt horrible but it doesn’t seem better to me than standard tab targeted mmo combat.

TERA_no dodge


As I normally move with double mouse buttons in mmo’s I really find that my mouse being attacks off putting – I have the same issue with Neverwinter.

The world, characters and attack animations are very detailed. The general clothing is more modern looking than I normally like. I think of all the games I’ve played its hard to fault TESO for its detailed, medieval fantasy gear.  In TERA my gear looks more like something you would wear to the mall on a cold day.


Nicely made world – lacks true interactions with it but its very nice to look at! (and its cool to see the Crystalsong Forest from World of Warcraft Northrend got a tree trade scheme going! )

TERA_ScreenShot_20140415_215442 TERA_ScreenShot_20140415_214753


The priest actually gets its first non self heal at level 6 before that it plays a lot like a weak sorcerer. As there is no group content at this level its hardly a problem however I do like to have my healers have a heal from level 1. It helps with duo content or random helping players as I run by them so much easier.


5 thoughts on “Class Challenge Four – Priests (TERA)

  1. Miss Mojo says:

    The game looks great and all but you have to wait till 20 + to get into dungeon and then spend an hour or two in queue. Atleast when i tried the priest. I like to figure out atleast a bit how the healer work early on, but grouping took way to long to access. But i think perhaps they have made some changes to quests and xp since i played so u lvl faster. 🙂 i like the idea of the game, but it just dont have that special something.

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