Class Challenge four – Priests (SWTOR)

There are quiet a few options for healing in Starwars the Old Republic but I decided to go the sage/sorcerer route. As I had a sorcerer at 16 from previous play I dusted her off and set about some darkside adventures.

The class branches at level 10 when you get to choose your specialist role which means you do not start to see the flavour of your class until you get up a few levels.

As I had gone primary healing I had a companion with me to take the brunt of the fighting and a droid to umm, make cups of tea. (which it failed to do!)


As a previous subscriber I got my extra hotbars without the ridiculous pay to unlock requirement.

Currently I have just arrived at the next planet on the questing path – its a pity in a sci fi game how linear this games leveling path really is.


The sorcerer talent trees are as below – I have begun working through the healing ones to boost the two heals I currently have.


The first flashpoint (dungeon/instance/stuff you do with others) is my next plan.

I will say that like a lot of the more modern games the healer is still able to quest without a struggle, thanks to the healing abilities being included with a wide selection of combat skills.


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