Back To Final Fantasy 14

So after pottering about in a variety of games I decided to return to FF14 and see what had changed.

To be perfectly honest a few quality of life fixes is all I saw.

Armour that is included in one of your jobs now has a icon on it to show that (I sold a few bits of gear that I required for other jobs in the past)

Gear is shaded if you cannot use it

That’s about it.


Despite that the beauty and style of the game drew me once again into it.

After shuddering at facing a fate grind to 30 with my old main character in order to make a dragoon I decided to re-roll as a Elf Lancer and try the game as a brand new player.




From all the class challenges I am very familiar with most games newbie starting zones so zooming around as a new lancer was not quiet the same experience a brand new player would have.


Stabby stabby stab stab – but with different graphics!





Will I stay subbed for a long term – I’m really unsure, most of my gaming friends are playing The Secret World and I will obviously be returning to TSW on and off.

Now this system looks ..standard.. yet the quests can be interesting enough – not TSW quality but then again what game does quests as well as TSW?



Still for now I will endeavor to bring you some ramblings from the world of Eorzea.

While I find nightmarish creatures to poke with a sharp stick – really as children adventurers were the ones getting stung by the bee because they poked its hive!


9 thoughts on “Back To Final Fantasy 14

  1. Miss Mojo says:

    I love the game in many ways, but.. there is just something missing and im not quite sure what. I love the music, graphics,my lala, the gcd. Its just that i dont have anything interesting to do if i dont farm for gear. There is nothing except gathering and crafts, wich I hate.

    • melbrankin says:

      Yeah I found that too. I think for me it was a combination of several small things:

      My friends had just finished playing wow and although they were happy to try FF14 they were burnt out on fantasy and drifted away fairly quickly.

      The quest system sucks when you have to replay a zone and have 0 quests. Fate grinds get really dull as do constantly doing leve – as I had new twins at the time dungeon running was out of the question for me,

      The game levels slowly than wow or other fantasy games meaning you can feel like you are making little progress when you have a short play time.

      And it wasnt as polished as some games, it was incredibly well done considering they resurrected it from the disaster that was 1.0

      • C. T. Murphy says:

        My big issue with it is the classes. They are all really vanilla. It doesn’t help that combat roles feel forced into three really specific categories and that encounters (despite being fun) come down solely to your ability to master easy rotations and otherwise follow on-screen prompts for where to stand.

        I think deeper classes or a utility role on par with DPS, Tank, and Healer would’ve kept me around for at least a few more months.

      • melbrankin says:

        It is an interesting game consideration.

        Are more skills going to be more interesting in the long run? I know from playing Everquest1 and Everquest2 that I had a heap of skills and really they were duplication of the same ones over and over.

        TERA is on the opposite side of the fence, and GW2 for that matter – where you have a very small number of skills and the “active” combat is what is suppose to make the game exciting.

        I remember playing a feral cat druid raiding in ICC when they had the most insane juggle of abilities, it was a lot of fun mastering something so complicated because I could top the metres in damage when I did it right and really suck when I didnt.

        I wonder if the game just needs more time to develop – they are bringing in a new job next patch or two, will be interesting to see what it is!

      • Miss Mojo says:

        I found leveling up one job totally okay, but after that it started hurting my soul. The fategrind uuuhg.. If that dont put you to sleep, something is wrong with you lol. I enjoy the dungeons but thats about it really.

  2. C. T. Murphy says:

    I think my issue with XIV is that classes don’t have unique resources, don’t really have very many procs, and have incredibly simple rotations. I played a Feral Druid in WOTLK too and there was an incredible amount of complexity there without a ton of abilities (assuming we aren’t at any point in time off-healing or off-tanking in a pinch). I rarely felt like my expertise really mattered in XIV or that it gave me any added ability to control a fight.

    • melbrankin says:

      That is a fair point. I wondered if the complexity increased as you leveled as 30 is as high as I got in FF14

      will be interesting to see if it holds my focus

      • C. T. Murphy says:

        I maxed Bard and Marauder. It’s a fun game and a wonder that they made it into that much. I just feel it suffers from simplicity too much. I question whether or not the console port seriously dampened its potential.

  3. melbrankin says:

    What about TESO that is very similar I would have thought, console and pc based, has that got the legs to carry it for long or will it suffer from a FF14 issue?

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