7 day free in the land of Warcraft

So a few days ago I received a 7 day free pass back to World of Warcraft. It was about September last year that I had last played and before that on and off since the gates of Azeroth opened. 

Because I spend most of my free time writing and editing my book/short story/rpg game I haven’t had a lot of time spare on games so it was a free chance to go see what had changed from the 5.3 patch I left wow on.

The only thing standing in my way was what I call “Character choice paralysis”

You see, over the years of playing WoW I have been on 5 different servers, of those 4 of them had 10 characters between 1-90.  Just logging into the character screen became a nightmare of “what do I play and if I play that does it mean I’ve wasted my time, etc etc.

So I took 2d6 dice of death and surveyed my roster for the 1 character I would keep out of the 43 toons I had.

Firstly I decided to roll odd/even for faction

Odd = Horde

Even = Alliance

Rolled a 6

Alliance Prevails! (that’s how they should have decided what chopper to keep!)

Then I took each of the characters as they were listed on the create character screen and asigned a number

2 – Warrior

3 – Paladin

4 – Hunter

5 – Rogue

6 – Priest

7 – Shaman

8 – Mage

9 – Warlock

10 – Monk

11 – Druid

12 – Death Knight


Now the problem with a 2d6 system is it isn’t random so once I considered the probability I decided to go to random.org and allow them to choose the single character to survive the purge.

and the winner….drum roll!

random.org rolled a 5

Alliance rogue it was.

Rogue was probably my least played class, I hadn’t touched one in Cata – last time played was Cata so I had no idea if I would like one or not.

Also had to make 1 more roll

I had a 82 Human Rogue and a 85 Gnome rogue

So odd/even

Rolled a 7 – 82 Human Rogue it was!

The wining character gave a sigh of relief, the rest screamed into the delete bin. Took a while to delete 42 odd characters – I ended up with a lot of spare hierlooms too.

In three days of play my rogue is now 85 and into MoP

Cata was crazy short, blink and it was done.


When the 7 days expires my rogue will go into hibernation until the next free time or until I have the need to dig into Azeroth one more time. 

I have to say that she plays really well, stealth and assassination is a lot of fun. 


I don’t think that is exactly what blizzard had planned for their free game time but I thank them none the less.  With all the clutter gone I can now sit back and enjoy the game whenever I choose too.


The picture below is a little old – for some reason the armory has sync’ed her gear but not the appearance. 



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