Marching across fields of snow

Marching across fields of snow

faces worn by age and cold


chinking mail in time with

chattering teeth

shivering hymns to the lost

striding into frosts keep


blades are stilled by weary arms

coats the only thing that move

caught in blizzard’s voice

they snatch and stir a brave salute


calling home to warmer glen

calling back to warmer kin

mislaid now in the endless war

marched from sight but not from song


those that see us striding by

wonderment at what transpires

to drive a man into the gap

far from home in icy clasp


all that march across the field

heavy with winter’s tears

soon to stain with vitals gift

dye the pallid landscape red


cry no more, cut by cold

cry no more, men of the glen

follies dance on winter’s stage

far from home in to the gap.


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