In Neverwhere

Dreams collide

Dancing for their own regale


Whispers tumble

Into song

Carried up and onwards more

Greeting with boundless vim

A pageant of joviality


And those that find you here or there

Pause in merry jest

That rhymes unruliness

Would catch one such as you

In its tangled verse


In Neverwhere

Nowhere else

Jesters play at interlude

Diverging from reality

‘till nothing is

As it would seem


Prying out of reasoning

Replete with dazzling imagery

Gleaming lies sustaining you

While all about decay seeps in

Worming from within

As mortal’s needs are cast aside

And flesh crumbles into dust

Evanescent memories the only

Mark of passing humanity


So if ones roams

On their own

Down unfamiliar passageway

Weirdness laid heavily

A mantle muddling

Wit and wiles


Around the bend

Just out of sight

Melodies will snatch

And carry you

Far from here

To Neverwhere

Where only dreams belong.


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