Drawing practice

Ive been pottering about drawing dragons – nothing serious but its nice to get some other art done besides writing. On the writing front Im working on a short story (interrupted by colds and real life far to much).

anyway – a collection of drawings below – posted a lot of these to twitter but its nice to have them in a single place.

2014-09-25 19.08.01

2014-09-07 13.48.45

2014-09-07 13.48.27

2014-09-07 12.10.57

2014-09-06 14.01.12

2014-08-16 15.01.13


6 thoughts on “Drawing practice

      • Riley says:

        If you have heard of League of Legends im about to write a piece on it and I could really use some homegrown art for it with a backlink of course 😀

      • melbrankin says:

        I’ve played it a few times – normally I play dota2 but enjoy LoL when I get the chance to play. If you want something done in pencil I can give it a go. I’m more of a writer who potters about with drawing than an artist tho 😀

      • Riley says:

        I just really liked your dedication towards the arts and wanted to collaborate with you. I’m an artist myself. Very new to the medium of creative writing but working on it. I mainly do traditional pencil as well. I have the great fortune of being color blind I cant imagine painting ALL the time since it is so difficult.

  1. melbrankin says:

    That would be a challenge although nothing wrong with painting the world as you see it! It would depend greatly on the size of your project and how much time I have spare. Happy to consider helping where I can though.

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