First world gaming problems!

I have a bit of a gaming dilemma; currently I am subbed to Final Fantasy 14.

It’s a game that I really enjoy however even with the wonderful free company(guild) I am in it’s a bit lonely. My play time, outside of a brief weekend window, is when everyone else is asleep so I normally log in and see that my free company has all logged out 1-2 hours earlier. I have tried recruiting more friends to play but most are scattered across games now and none want to pay a sub game.

On a busy writing week like the last few (I was working towards a submission for an anthology competition) I had about 20 min play time in the week. Is a subscription justified for a few hours game time a month?
it’s not a lot of cash but value for money starts to nag at me.

A mate of mine has just returned to Everquest2,, it’s one of the games I always return to (Rift, TSW are the others). Last night I made a new character on his server, was a lot of fun hanging out with him again and makes me want to pick up EQ2 (which I just put down for FF14) as my main game.

The base ftp version of EQ2 is fairly horrible and when I play I always end up being a subscriber after a few days play. Which would leave me in the same position as FF14, paying for something I get a limited amount of play time in.

Most of my gamer friends are holding out for EQnext but it’s hard not to think that game is a looooong time away from even Alpha release.

So what’s a time strapped gamer with friends scattered across the mmoverse going to do?

My current time block for FF14 expires in 5 days – I had planned to buy more time but now I’m unsure.

Its days like this I miss the old ICC wow raid guild I was GM of – I never realised how precious and unrepeatable having 15-20 real life friends on at the same time was. Although the WoD expansion of WoW holds very little interest for me I would concider resubbing to that if even 5 of my friends were rushing back.

First world problems I know!


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