Ding 50000 words of pure madness!


Victory for the second year running. A big thanks to all my buddies who were there along for the ride, even just watching their word count exceed mine each day was motivating 😀

scrivener turned out to be exceptionally good for writing – if you haven’t tried it I can offer my recommendations. Ill be buying it next pay all going well. Then I’m going to go re-edit my first book into it and out of open office/word.

I found this #nanowrimo to flow a lot better than last years. I put this down to a combination of factors: The twins are 2yo not 1yo and that is just a little less crazy in the sleep department but more crazy in the, well crazy two year old department. Also I’ve been writing most days for a year now, with my poems, short stories and book edits and practice and more practice and then more practice seems to be paying off.

Next challenge is the xmas writing blog that Gypsy_sil has organised – I’m writing something for the 10th of December – going to go with a poem and then a brief ramble about the most wonderful hobby of gaming.


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