Bloggy XMAS Day 10


As part of the very bloggy holiday countdown I thought I would put my hand to do a poem that sums up the fun of pen and paper roleplaying. The gaming community built around roleplaying, boardgames and computer games is exceptionally wonderful, I doubt you would find another subgroup with so many warm, accepting and welcoming people who share this fantastic passion of ours.

Don’t take too much notice of the media hype suggesting we are all anti-everything, outsiders have been trying to pull our  group apart since they first started identifying as gamers. (Anyone remember the book: Playing with Fire: Dungeons and Dragons, Tunnels and Trolls, Chivalry and Sorcery, and other Fantasy Games – this was published in 1984)

Lets make sure that we keep the inclusiveness there, respect each other and support gaming community over the coming xmas break and beyond.


And now the poem
Poem Inspired by ‘A Visit from St. Nicholas’ ( A night before xmas)
by Clement Clarke Moore

A Night Before XP
T’was the pause before battle, when all through the house
Not a player was moving, each still as a mouse.
The monsters were placed on the mat with great care,
In hopes of adventurers wandering there.

The party were hushed, all filled with dread,
While visions of treasure danced in their heads.
And Mary in her cosplay, and I cat-on-lap
Had settled on strategies, the villains’ plans we would sap.

When out on the battle map, dice bounced with a clatter,
I sprang from my seat, the cat flew off in a scatter.
“Roll initiative!” Dice snatched in a flash,
My lucky d20 from my Geek Satchel’s stash.

The party on the march ‘cross the rubble-strewn snow,
Their mighty weapons’ magic causing them to glow.
When what wandering monster did suddenly appear?
But a mighty red dragon, it’s roar filling us with fear.

With an initiative base so high it was quick,
It’s tail snapped forward with a cracking flick.
More rapid than chargers, onward it came
Roaring and snarling, its mouth brimming with flame.

“Now, biting! Now, clawing! Now Fear Aura vexing!
On Warrior, on Cleric, on Wizard, attacks blitzing!
With our hearts a-shaking! Our backs to the wall!
Now dash away! Hitpoints low! Flee one and all!

The dragon leaps upwards, beginning to fly,
Up out of reach into the sky.
With a rallying song the Bard’s trumpet he blew,
So out of the fear our resolve did renew.

And then, evocating, Mage vanished with a poof,
As the dragon alighted on ruin’s crumbling roof.
As I threw my attack dice, they spun round and round,
A critical strike! A true arrow inbound.

Our warrior was dressed all in plate, head to foot,
And the dragon breathed fire, leaving but ashes and soot.
A sneak attack strike into the dragon’s back,
And the Beast roared in pain, missing his next attack.

The Thief’s eyes, how they twinkled, his cunning, so merry!
But with cruel strike, under a claw his character did bury!
At his wide, fang-filled mouth, I drew back my bow,
And rained down my arrows as thick as the snow.

The shafts snapped like kindling as he chomped down his teeth,
And smoke from his mouth billowed out from beneath.
He had thick gleaming scales in all but his belly,
As he launch towards me, the ground shook at the sally!

Then out of the aether, appeared our Wizardly elf,
Putting him bravely between dragon and self.
A magic invoking at the beast’s head,
A bolt of white lightning, ensured it was dead.

The GM declaring, a Save would work,
Hurtled her d20 with a confident smirk.
The dice spun about, as our dread arose
With a clatter it rolled, a 1 right under our nose!

We sprang to our feet, with a thunderous whistle,
From ‘neath us flew the cat, fur all of a bristle.
The GM exclaimed. The dragon fell from the fight,
“Well played. Lucky sods. Let’s call it a night!”


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