Tabletop rpg – Inspiried by the Hobbit

Last night my partner and I had our annual trip to the movies (thanks mum and dad for the babysitting duties) . We normally have a Monday night rpg tabletop game so instead of that we all headed off to watch the Hobbit.

Without spoiling anything I can happily say that the third movie wrapped up the trilogy and we all left with happy grins and dreaming of Middle-earth.

And being roleplayers we decided that we should dig up our Middle-earth role-playing books and plan to delve back into the rich world of Tolkien tabletop style.

As I had run Rolemaster for the gang before I already knew that the merp system would be a bit overwhelm for the newer roleplayers in our group. They had struggled with the nuts and bolts, clunky style of Rolemaster and to be honest merp is not a big step down.

So Ive decided to do some holiday mash-up and grab my Warhammer fantasy rpg books and write up a Middle-earth flavoured game using that as the core system.

Warhammer in my mind is a nice fit:

Magic is rare, dangerous and not often for player characters

Races are close to the Tolkien flavour, I only  need to come up with the Dúnedain and perhaps tweak some of the races base classes rolls.

Base classes are generic enough to be easy to slot in with only a few of the more advance classes needed tweaks and perhaps some additional Middle-earth advanced classes.

Anyway as I progress or hit roadblocks I’ll blog my thoughts and results as I go.

Happy Holidays all.


2 thoughts on “Tabletop rpg – Inspiried by the Hobbit

  1. j3w3l says:

    games workshop have that lord of the rings mode too, sure you know that. But the new strategy book pdf for the hobbit rules is free at the moment on their site.

    might help in your rule making

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