Unexpected adventures

So I picked up The Elderscrolls online on the steam sale for $20 which felt about right given my last play thru in beta. Since go live ZeniMax seem to have been busy repairing all the things that were horribly wrong with the mmo at launch.

The tutorial dungeon is better explained and once more you are given the choice of weapons to pickup. The story itself is average and the contents okish. But now once you are finished the tutorial once you can skip doing it again.

I’m really enjoying the ability to pick up various weapons/armour and change my game play experience – I’m sure its not end game optimized but I dont really care – I have been a critic of the “end game is where the fun is” builds that mmo’s have been pushing along for a while so its a very pleasant surprise to be really enjoying the leveling, questing and pottering about trying to craft things in the lowbie zones.

Outside the newbie zone the quests go from average to great in quality – I liked going into the mad-gods realm as part of the mage guild story line – felt that was well done (although could have done with a little more madness)

Below are some screenshots of my mage – unfortunately they dont appear to come out in HD (its much crisper in game!)

Mage in standardish mage gear – there is a bonus for wearing light armour for casting spells but it doesnt require a full set – I did find some leather with +magic on it but havent seen any plate with useful stats yet. Although with crafting it could be possible to add a aspect like +magic perhaps,

Screenshot 2014-12-27 14.17.27

Sword and board mage (and imp)

Screenshot 2014-12-26 21.57.42

I am dreaming (and made of liquid glass it seems)

Screenshot 2014-12-26 22.26.19

Nice sunset thru the ruins (before harpies ate my face)

Screenshot 2014-12-26 20.57.14


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