The Elder Scrolls Online: Weird Build Fun – Arcane Archer

The Arcane Archer is unsurprisingly the combination of sorcerer with bow and arrow. After my Stormguard I found the archer to be a lot squishier and required more combat awareness to survive multiple foes.

Medium armour gives evasion but in the early levels it wasn’t enough compared to the solid plate mail.

Screenshot 2015-01-02 21.21.42


I found that I was using a lot of magic and without the cloth bonuses decided to drop an extra point in the lower levels into magicka before picking up more stamina. The extra health didnt seem like a lot, not enough to go from squishy to non-squishy anyway.

Screenshot 2015-01-03 23.24.55


Class abilities I focused on Dark Magic – this gives a nice knockdown with Crystal Shards and an area of effect snare with Encase. Both were very handy escaping danger and for allowing  a heavy bow shot off or to rain down a Volley of arrows and get some guaranteed hits.


Dark Magic – so very useful to keep things off you.

Screenshot 2015-01-03 23.25.56


Screenshot 2015-01-03 23.25.51

As well as the two active skills I also put a point into the Dark Magic Unholy Knowledge to help with spells/abilities cost.

Screenshot 2015-01-03 23.25.48


Bow Skills  are where the main points go into, although I did find it quicker to improve my spells at the start. Often because I would open with Crystal Shards, then Poison Arrow and if they required any more damage a few light shots of my bow would kill most things.

Screenshot 2015-01-03 23.26.13

I picked up a point in Long Shot – seemed like a nice improvement in damage although its really hard to tell the direct impact of choosing a passive is.


Well that is the newbie Arcane Archer. I’ll be working on these classes a bit more and try and get them into the mid teens and see how they are progressing but for now Ill move onto a healing sorcerer before heading into Templar build.





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