Water colors for fun and well no profit but fun!

So as I’ve been posting on twitter I have attempted crossing over from drawing in pencil into water colors.

After watching a couple of Youtube videos of people making it all look far to easy I decided to leap in and start making a mess.

First thing I discovered is that brushes are really, really expensive if you want to get some that feel nice to use. Unfortunately my budget doesn’t go far enough to afford the best so I tried to find some okish ones to start with.

I bought a pack of various sizes and set about working on my first painting. The brushes really sucked. I suspect I grabbed the wrong kind for water colors so next pay I’m going to duck back and try some softer tipped ones.

I had thought water colors were delicate but from watching the videos I have a new respect for their vibrancy and toughness and I hope to learn how to bring that life into my paints.

So the first attempt was a binned disaster.

But I learnt a lot from failures as you do in both writing and art. (actually most things in life).

So below is painting number two

Raven and Cheery Blossom.

I used free pictures of the raven and blossom and combined them into a composition that I liked. Working on the out of focus branches behind was tricky. The Raven colors turned out more muted than I would have liked, especially against the vibrancy of the blossom. Still for painting two I felt I gained valuable knowledge and improved greatly from first attempts.

2015-02-07 09.06.43

I also completed another 5 min art sketch – this was actually done before painting, inspired me to do a better effort.

2015-02-05 09.09.40

and finally I started working on the next painting – getting the basic outline done.

2015-02-06 21.46.27


4 thoughts on “Water colors for fun and well no profit but fun!

    • melbrankin says:

      Thanks – its so true of most of our art 😀

      I did see that they existed and I have a friend who works with what I think are acrylic pencils but for me the fun is stepping completely from my comfort zone and discovering how to play in the new medium 😀

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