Sunday Art Roundup

So I decided that I would start posting my weeks art work each Sunday (NZ time) so below is a collection of the work I have done. Happy with my overall increase in some areas with only starting to do daily art a few weeks ago the evolution from then to now seems to be a steady improvement.

My Third Water-color
I decided to attempt a dragon out hunting in a winter landscape. Searched for a scene of winter as base and a random dragon picture to remind me of the general dimensions as I have drawn a few dragons now so they are starting to become easier to draw.

This took the week to do, I did the outlines and rough detailed paint at the start of the week – trying to get the general flow but not be too concerned with details – just enough not to stuff something up that was not recoverable. Then on Friday night I began adding the details, drawing out the colours from black into the purple grays that I had wanted. Also worked on shadowing across the snow and light filtering from the dragon. Then finally I added more to the foliage around and in the significant background of the scene and drew out the clouds with grey and whites.


Avatars and anime style art

Keeping up with some cute twitter avatars and some more cartoony pencil drawings. These are nice because the overall structures are easy to draw and that frees me up to attempt more and more interesting background/fine details and attempt to fill them with personality.

World of warcraft druid in cat form – my first WoW art attempt.


Black dragon hunting


Owl for 


More 5 minute art

I use quick sketches during the day to keep my practicing in. These generally take only a few minute effort but they are a lot of fun to do.

Rolling cartoon kitten


Sad Kitten


Zombie girl


Stroll down apocalypse lane for ausj3w3l at


Some random anime style half demon characters.

IMAG0507 IMAG0508


That is it for the weeks work!


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