A Brief Sunday Update

The week hasn’t exactly gone to plan with art so I only have 2 small five minute sketches to post. I have been working away at my next water-colour but its technically a huge step up and taking a lot of time to work through. I’m still unsure if I’ll succeed in turning it into something I am happy with but this is all about the journey.(Well that’s what I keep on telling myself.)

I had a few minutes to do a sketch of the dying rose in our garden as summer is slowly drifting into autumn.


And an otter on a rock that I did for a friend


Game wise I am still pottering about in Final Fantasy 14 – I have reached 28th level as a conjurer and have another dungeon to complete before I can continue the personal story.  I have also sneaked back onto Guild Wars 2 to try once again to find some connection to a game that in theory should be perfect for me but in practice really doesn’t win me over. I’ve started a new necromancer and will see how I go.

Next month The Elderscrolls goes into Buy to Play mode so I will be spending some time playing it as well and continuing with my weird builds experiments.

And finally a special hug to @ctmurfy for the lovely things he said about me on his site http://murfvs.net/ Was very touched.


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