Dragons and Poppies

A few more sketches to add to the growing list. Firstly a dragon that grew to big for its page and finally the league of legends character Poppy. The sketch is from the Riot webpage about the champion.

The front legs bug me a little – tried to get the dragon in movement and didn’t really work. Still worth attempting 🙂


Poppy shield was the hardest thing to get right – its massive and only half drawn on the page I was using so I had to finish it off without anything to reference.


On other news I did the most terrifying thing of sending out my book to a few brave beta readers with a questionnaire attached. For me its the hardest part of writing – exposing yourself to the critique of others but just like art you can only grow so much without taking the risks.

Worse for beta is that the book is rewritten once but I am starting the polishing now so it feels rough in parts still. The knowledge that this will make the book that much better is somewhat comforting.

Game wise my necromancer in GW2 is level 11 and my conjurer in Final Fantasy 14 is 28th – I have another dungeon to do which requires the kids to be asleep or looked after.

Also started playing pvp in Dota2, my skills as a support are average to okie but far from fantastic. Had a 4v4 with mates and bots to fill in the last spot on each team and although my side lost we had good fun and a few more lessons were learnt.


2 thoughts on “Dragons and Poppies

  1. ggconfessions says:

    Your sketches are amazing! I love the dragon. 🙂

    Grats on both 11 and 28! 😀 I hope you find some time to run the dungeon sooner rather than later. 🙂

    • melbrankin says:

      Thanks kindly – Dragons are so much fun to draw, the combine fantasy with dinosaurs after all. I’m sure i’ll find time this week to do the dungeon, at least with FF they arent too long to do. 😀

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