Chain blogging at its finest

Syl at included me in the 10 quests chain. Although I tend to avoid these things she is a dear friend and just for her i’ll fill her questions out!



1. If you could learn a new language over night, which would it be?  –
Sign language because with English as my native tongue I have the advantage that most people I encounter share this language, fluently or not, with me. With Sign language I would be able to chat to those in our deaf community and that connection would be cool.

2. What is the first MMO you’d want to visit in full VR mode?
Now that I have watched Log Horizon and Sword Art Online I dont want to go anywhere near a VR mode!

3. If you got to invite a dead person over for tea and biscuits, who would it be?
My nana because I would get to thank her for teaching me the love of baking, inspiring me to do art and introduce her to her great grandchildren.

My partners dad because I never got to meet him and get to know him – its a missing piece of her picture that I will never get to fill in.

4. What kind of biscuits would you serve?
Gluten free, vegan, sugar free chocolate cookies

5. Who should go down first: House Lannister, House Frey or House Bolton?
Ok just let me look up who these are!

6. Justice means:
– c) everyone gets what they need (without their need taking rights and freedoms from another)

7. If you could see one of your favorite games get a sequel, it would be….?
Baldurs gate – an updated D&D game would really rock

8. If a person were to split a pot of 1000$ between them and yourself on condition of you accepting their first offer, would you rather accept 100 bucks or both go empty?
I’m a glass half full kind of guy so 100 dollars split is still more than I had to start the deal with and who knows the other person might really need the entire 1k for something important but is still willing to take a hit and give me a share.

9. Which ingame MMO place/location do you consider a home to return to?
Qeynos in everquest (1&2) and Gridania in Final Fantasy 14

10. Favorite midnight snack when nobody’s looking?
Instant porridge and stewed fruit – yum!


Bonus is this ruined castle I drew



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