Poppy returns with a dwarf on a goat

So art wise I spent a bit more time practicing my drawing. I would have loved to get into the water colours but unfortunately my children were going through a week of not doing afternoon naps and staying up too late. Hopefully they will settle down a little next week and I can pull out the paints.

Theme wise I am working on ruins and decay and the odd gaming related picture.

Anyway – taking the base art of Poppy and starting to work on animating it into new poses – will look to increase the customisation of her as I get comfortable in drawing her.


I did a quick sketch with my sons felt tips, just working on seeing if I could blend colours and “paint” with them – limited success hehe.


And I did actually do a quick sketch of some ruins!


and this I added to the post yesterday but ill include it here for completeness


And finally I did a drawing of a Word of Warcraft Dwarven hunter with her fox pet and a quick sketch of a dwarven bust.




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