Steampunk Wow, Return to Skyrim and not a lot of MMO Stuff

A few weeks ago I started on the World of Warcraft Steampunking – Take a race from the game and transform it into a steam punk version. I started with the troll as for some reason tusks and top hat just worked in my mind.  This has been a nice way to be creative, have some fun and connect with the lovely WoW community (who voted on the next race to draw).

As I work through editing my book its a good distraction that isn’t writing another short story or tinkering on book two – things that tend to be rabbit holes for time. It takes me a few hours work to finish a drawing and then I can return to whatever life is demanding of me,

Game wise I had the desire to return to Skyrim – perhaps I am waiting for The Elderscrolls Online to go free to play (yes I am) and its very much the same feel of game play.

I decided to roll a new character (Man I wish you could skip the blinking wagon ride) and make an evil assassin to see how Skyrim handles being evil. Unfortunately the short answer is it doesn’t.

The criminal system is so basic – you commit a crime (even if there is no one about you gain a gold bounty on your head.) If your bounty is high enough guards at the city will attempt to arrest you – you can fight them, pay your bounty or go to jail. Going to jail means you lose all your level progress which makes it an unappealing option.

Paying the bounty loses some gold and any item you have stolen – this part I dont really like. Being able to automatically identify an item I stole seems a little daft – personally I think that they should either take it all or take nothing.  I guess this comes down to game balance considerations; a small setback will have players continue a large one might make them quit on the spot.

I am disappointed with Skyrims dark brotherhood not being handled like Oblivion – murder an innocent and they appear in your dream – from what I have read you need to encounter them on a roadway randomly and be recruited – perhaps there is an increased chance the more you murder – I’m unsure on that.

Finally stealth in the base game is completely broken – once you get good enough at it the game completely breaks with you being able to do some daft sneaking about – add a sniper bow to the mix and you quickly start one shot one kill.

After a while I went back to my mage – and promptly got killed in the next few battles when I overestimated my health bar!

TERA and a touch of Final Fantasy 14

The lovely  (her blog at and I have had a potter in TERA – I have to say that the game is so much better duo but still I tend to ignore the quest text and just slaughter everything I can find that has a quest icon above it. I’m not finding the world or style very engaging although it does have some good points overall its something that I am happy to play with her and stop playing once our game time is up.

Final fantasy 14 time has been a bit limited – I logged on last Sunday and did a fate or two before my two year old twin girl pulled a side table on top of herself and knocked out one tooth and had to have two other front teeth removed under sedation at the hospital – not the end of a Sunday I was envisioning. I hope to get back into FF next week! (And the wee girl has recovered fully and is back to climbing up things.)

So back to the Steampunk – here are the complete set as it stands – will be starting the Tauren female today all going to plan.


The Troll


Night Elf









Finished the Tauren on Sunday afternoon so updated this list

2015-03-15 15.07.03


And finally I did a steampunk spiderman and teenage ninja turtle at the request of the twitters 😀


IMAG0545 IMAG0544




8 thoughts on “Steampunk Wow, Return to Skyrim and not a lot of MMO Stuff

    • melbrankin says:

      Thanks! Its a lot of fun to steampunk the other races besides goblin and gnome who do have that wacky engineer theme to them. Next up is draenei and a bonus murloc 🙂

  1. Norske91 says:

    Dude the gobbie is awesome! Well they all are, but the gobbie is the best! awesome blog by the way. keep up the good work bro, it’s going to pay off for you I know it.

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