Dragons are done and on to other things

Was a fun 7 days of drawing dragons but its equally nice to be able to focus on something new. What that new is – well I am unsure at this stage but for now I will potter about with random sketches, working on weaknesses and consolidating what I have learnt during the month or so that I have been actively drawing.

I went back and did the Dwarf steampunk for world of warcraft – as below

And I also did a beech forest in charcoal – this was a quick sketch to play around a bit with the medium and try and see past the details and pickup the depth and shape and feel of the woods.

Game wise I unlocked my ninja job in final fantasy (a quest at level 30) which was awesome to achieve!

And writing wise I am now on the home stretch of the next edit of my book – feeling that its coming together nicely now and should be ready for the brutal (but loving) tough of a professional editor.

Community Things:
I joined up to Anook – mostly to be part of my FF free company (guild) but if anyone is interested in connecting my user is Llelana.

And because I love anime I joined up to AniList.co to hang out and share anime/manga recommendations/ratings with the awesome gang of @MaekaGaming @jaedia @ElliasWS . You can find me as mylin1 on that.


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