A day spent in The Elderscrolls Online

As I am on holiday I had the opportunity to spend some quality time in TESO – I decided a while ago to make a character and just focus on crafting and harvesting and see where that got me.

So far I am liking the results – I have managed to level to 5 without doing more than a handful of quests and have spend my points on unlocking the first tiers of skills for most of the crafting. I made my character a dark elf Templar and put one point into the healing skill so I had some self heal and the rest of the points have been into crafts.

My primary focus has been on Alchemy and enchanting although I do plan to push on with the others to a lesser extent. Alchemy like most games brews potions but this being an elderscrolls game there is a lot of playing with herbs to work out different combinations to create a working potion. Sure there will be complete and detailed guides out there for what herbs mix with what but that isn’t fun and as I am playing a crafter it seems pointless to skip this mini game.

Alch going up slowly 😀
Screenshot 2015-04-07 16.24.14

Enchanting pushing along reasonably.
Screenshot 2015-04-07 16.24.26

Enchanting uses runes – three different types to combine into a enchanting pattern that can be applied to either a weapon or armour – even the low level ones are a nice boost. However they can also be disenchanted with a chance to reclaim a rune so for the most part I have been building/breaking until I run out of one or more of the types of runes.

This is true with most of the crafting – you can break down a found/crafted item with a chance to reclaim crafting ingredient back from it. its a great wee system and can allow for a lot more crafting time and knock back a little on the gathering side.

Crafting itself is simple matter of having the right material, a racial stone (which can be found in harvesting/deconstruction of gear or shop bought) and click and go. Once an item is created however you can opt to use another set of material (these seem to be found when deconstruction gear mostly) to improve the quality – so far I have managed to improve a set of crafted pants from white quality to green which added about 14 armour to it. Each item can be improved a number of times up to epic levels but I lacked the resources to do that.

The magical/attribute bonus are added as traits – I havent unlocked any of these but I am researching some traits currently – You deconstruct an enchanted item using the research trait option which destroys the gear and gives you a trait(s) you can research.

On the downside gathering resource are collectible by anyone so you are often competing in a zone with a number of other gatherers for limited resources. Its not terrible but its far too much like World of Warcraft gathering for my liking.


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