The battle that was a Blood Elf Steampunk

Sometimes when you are writing or drawing things flow like a stream of awesome words/lines and you feel like you have reached a point in your journey that you can put away the neophyte title and bask in your journeypersonship. Then you get days like the one I had with this drawing and you doubt that you will ever improve because you bash your mental head against the wall of fail for so long without achieving what you want.

Still the battle had an outcome – just not exactly the result I was after. Someone remind me to never draw a person on a slight angle again 😀


This one was a lot better because I was really just doodling during the day with no real goal other than inspired somewhat by steampunk outputs – odd building and skyships.

Sand City


3 thoughts on “The battle that was a Blood Elf Steampunk

    • melbrankin says:

      Thanks kindly! I like these kind of random doodling as a fun thing to potter away at. Like to give enough details so that people can create their own story of what is happening in the picture

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