Edits, Warcraft, doodlings and random pictures

The last week of my holidays were great for book editing – finished this round and cut out about 6k of words which isnt a bad start although I suspect when I finish this next edit I will have another chunk removed. The flow of the book is okish although I am waiting on more feedback from my beta readers (thanks kindly those that volunteered to do the beta reading).

Drawing wise I decided to do some random sketches rather than any themes. I posted these on twitter but as always I like to keep them in my blog too.

So firstly Fae forest

and this wildgrowth is for my son to colour in. If anyone decides to download and colour this in (please feel free too! send me a tweet or reply with your finished artwork – would love to see how it looks.)


Game wise I continued onward in Final Fantasy 14 with my duo buddy @Simchaandalts and unlocked our companion chocobo and started training them. Then we did some random dungeons and kicked ifrits (a big fire boss) butt again just for the fun of it. Sadly I have no 30+ dungeons unlocked so my wee ninja skills were all disabled during our fights – pity because I love putting the rabbit on my head (if you miss-click the ninjutsu skill turns into a rabbit instead of a flaming shuriken- although i often deliberately have the rabbit on my head for non critical fights)

As it was the last few days of Simcha’s subscription time and sadly she isnt in a position to reniew it atm we began looking for a new mmo to duo together. I have no plans on stopping playing FF14 but its nice to have a buddy to game with too. In the end we decided on trying GuildWars2 – neither of us have had much success sticking to the game – i really dont like their class concepts and the art, although lovely to look at doesnt seem to appeal to me.

So now we have two asura elementalist which turned out to be a lot of fun in the brief time we had last night – managed to complete 1 heart (which is a quest with multiple ways to complete it). Sometimes I swear GW2 does things differently just to be different without any tangible benefit.

Elderscrolls wise I was a bit busy to progress my enchanter much although I did get to gather a purple and orange rune which say I need to be higher level than I currently am to use. I am half way through level 7 in Enchanting and half way through 6 in alchemy. I have no idea if that is good progress or not 😀

Finally I picked up 30 days of World of Warcraft time because I had a hankering to play my dwarven hunter. I hadnt played her since early MoP so the changes between expansions took a little getting use to. Lucky for me I could just click a few buttons and my pet ate everything. In no time at all I was level 82 and barely gotten into the Vashj’ir quest chains. It will be interesting to see what level I am once I have finished the entire zone.

I also created a forsaken warlock and proceeded to rain death in the newbie zone on all the zombies I could find. By killing everything in sight (that wasnt grey) as I quested I reached level 8 before leveling the first quest hub. Am now a level 10 destruction warlock – never played destro so it should be a blast! (sorry – couldnt resist)

I have zombie issues!
I have issues


2 thoughts on “Edits, Warcraft, doodlings and random pictures

    • melbrankin says:

      Yeah I find twitter a bit hit and miss for connecting with people – if I have had a conversation with someone about a drawing then I always try and link them in the tweet but doesnt always work out. There is the quality aspect too – I can scan a picture at much higher resolution than I can post to twitter so the ones on my blog tend to be a lot better details.

      I am happy to send you out a copy of the book and the beta reader questionnaire – shoot me a DM on twitter with your email address. 😀

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