Newbie Blogger & Gome Warlock


So this year for the first time I have signed up for the Newbie Blogger Initiative – You can read about the awesome things they do to help us new bloggers or sign up for it yourself at

Basically it is a way for the blogging community to come together and help each other, share some new blogs to read, set some fun challenges and take part in all that the wonderful blogging community has to offer. Its also the perfect time to start a blog if you have been keen to start but unsure how to go about it.

Some Art & back to book writing
I finally managed to rest enough to get my brain into writing so I am starting to nibble away at book2 which makes me very happy. I had tried to leap from editing straight back to writing but it turned out the jump was too much and I sat re-reading the last chapters of my book wondering where I was going to go with all of this. Fortunately as book two has a number of stories interwoven from more pov’s than my first one I could pick one of the main characters, Toriessa, and begin writing her story without worrying to much about the others.

During my break I did a sketch of @@roxiqt goblin warlock as below. Goblins are a lot of fun to draw and her transmog set was very cool indeed. Hopefully I have done it some justice!


I will be doing a line art version of this for coloring – currently I’m recovering from a stomach bug so will have to wait till I’m feeling a bit better.


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