Newbie Blogger Initiative 2015 Screenshot Safari

Mr Murf over at had issued a screenshot safari challenge for the #NBI2015 So instead of hiding under a rock I decided to go search for a screenshot. Because I like to draw in game characters I have a fair amount of screenshots to pick from.

Ever since the first dawning light in Everquest2 I have been a sucker for a good sunset or sunrise. There is something magical to me about the return or leaving of light from the land and a good one in game will often have me stuck in my tracks watching it. I get this problem a lot in Final Fantasy 14 – can take me ages to get across a zone!

So my screenshots (two of my favs atm)

The Elderscrolls Online.
Screenshot 2014-12-26 20.57.14

Final Fantasy 14
Screenshot 2015-01-25 10.42.20


2 thoughts on “Newbie Blogger Initiative 2015 Screenshot Safari

    • melbrankin says:

      I remember first seeing that in an mmo and being speechless at how they could pull off such lighting. From the old 8bit particle effects to the blooms of today its lightyears(ok bad pun) difference!

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