A Muddling Kind of Weekend

Some days despite your best intentions everything that you attempt feels meh. I’m having one of those weekends where a combination of sick people in the house coughing till 4am and all the tiredness that goes along with that and the fact I had several events over the weekend.

On the upside I went to a Japanese restaurant for my brothers birthday (one of the aforementioned events) and had the most wonderful meal. Was a teppanyaki bar and I opted for a set meal which included ostrich – because I had never tried it before. Well it was scrumptious, the entire meal was a delight and I was left feeling very satisfied but wistfully longing to be hungry again so I could eat the meal over again!

Art wise I haven’t moved much from the sketch I started of the Rainbow Dash inspired horse for a friend. Because of the full on weekend I didnt get much of a chance to find a head space in which to do some art.

Sparkles and Pwnys!

Book wise my writing is finally returning – I had a good flow on tonight and managed to tap out 1400 words – felt both satisfying to get a start back into book 2 and frustrating that I was too tired to do more.

For games I’m having a bit of a quandary. I love Final Fantasy 14 but am struggling to find time to play and a little concerned that the end game is going to be a wall of disappointment when I cannot get the story/raiding done before the expansion. Normally expansions motivate me but this one is making me log onto the loading screen and shut down the game – Ive done that about 5 times today. I miss my free company too – they are the best bunch of gamers 😀

I also returned to Warcraft to raid with my brothers raid and have had one go of that so far and had a good time. They however are in a bit of a lull and the guild is only really active on the raid night and that makes spending time in WoW feel a bit like a solo player game – especially as there is no motivation to leave my garrison. What the garrison needs is a reason to leave it other than apex crystals.

So with my two most played games feeling a little disconnected to me I’ve started dabbling in some of my other mmos – I’m not yet at the phase where I patch guildwars2, log in and love the game for 15 min before logging out for another few months – all the while trying to work out why I dont find the game at all sticky.

I got another character in ArcheAge to 10 before dying and losing experience from the death – I had flashbacks to Everquest1 where I managed to de-level my enchanter while saving my party from a train. I logged off, still dead.

Anyway – excuse the very rambling, ramblings, hopefully this next week will see a bit more art, writing and general happy gaming!


6 thoughts on “A Muddling Kind of Weekend

  1. Pike (@pikestaff) says:

    Ooh, lovely pony picture 😀

    I have to admit, and I realize I a probably the odd one out, but I like garrisons a lot. I don’t spend much time in mine, I’m always off elsewhere, doing other things 🙂

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