All the scribbles!

So as it heads to winter everyone here seems to be getting some sort of sickness which has had a major impact on my drawing/writing. Both twins have been sick all week and that is taken most of my focus.

Instead of sitting down to do a single focused draw I have been doing a lot of cartoonish heads – just playing with profiles to the most part. So here are a lot of heads 🙂

Ill be attempting to put some work into my main project over the next few days as well as pickup the writing which has broken through the story slow down and all threads are now progressing in a direction I want them too.

Game wise my subscription to Final Fantasy slipped due to finances being a little bare-boned atm so I am hoping to pick it up soon and continue the journey with my tank buddy to 50. Given how much fun FF14 is to play at any levels I am not worried about missing the expansion drop – the game doesn’t do the WoW thing of making old content completely useless so I am sure that thanks to the 3 new jobs to level the old world will still be full of players.

Speaking of WoW my raid team are still pottering thru this tier of content – raiding one time a week and getting 4-5 bosses cleared on normal and 1-2 on past tier heroic. Its been great to be raiding again although 1 night is the maximum I can take out of my writing scheduled.

lots of heads

lots of heads2


4 thoughts on “All the scribbles!

  1. tyrannodorkus says:

    I’m a twin myself. Honestly, can’t imagine what it would be like without another me running around. Not sure how non-twins deal with that…
    These drawings are coming out really well. Really like the dwarf in the lower left and the one with the mohawk.

    • melbrankin says:

      Cheers, its fun to just sketch things and see how they turn out. Yeah we couldnt imagine only having one 2 1/2 year old. That being said I think raising twins is about 10x as hard for at least the first years 😀

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