The Lure of the Past

Currently Everquest is having a promotion to return to a progression rule set server – one that unlocks from the base game (with some improvements) as time progresses. This really hit me in the “remember whens” and I had an immediate desire to resub to play on the server.

I managed to resist(for now), mostly because I am super keen to return to Final Fantasy 14 when money allows, but also because I know, despite my heart wishing it otherwise, there is no real going back to your past love. Everquest was my first mmo and its always going to hold a special place for me. I started playing it when I was still building for a MUD and despite being on dial up modem I was in heaven with this new online RPG game that was emerging.

To satisfy my curiosity without paying a sub I decided to create a new bard character on the newest standard rule set I could find in Everquest and see how long I lasted with such an old system. I will screenshot and post some of the adventures as I go.

Art wise I have been pottering away at another World Of Warcraft character. The work in progress pictures are below. I should have this finished up in the next few days.

First outline sketch.
2015-05-19 17.47.32

Outline sketch – improved.
2015-05-20 17.17.55

Adjusting for scale and filling in more details.
2015-05-21 20.23.46

Finished the outlining and beginning to detail.

Starting detailing.
2015-05-23 20.31.46

Current Progress on details.
2015-05-24 08.40.26

Five minute art
I was doing some quick fun sketches of random things mostly based around magic.

2015-05-19 06.42.22

2015-05-20 08.26.16

2015-05-22 19.08.36

Oh and I almost forgot this dwarf – I did him because I wanted to play around with hair a bit.
2015-05-18 15.43.58


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