Drawing Finished Finally!

Taking far longer than I had predicted I finally finished poor @VenamusWoW character. Sickness put me out of writing and drawing for much of the week and the catch-up after being sick really didn’t leave my mind in a space to draw.

So below is the scanned version of his character. Now to consider what to draw next.


Game wise i have been pottering about in Everquest progression server – I resisted the lure for a day or so before discovering a few friends had started in there so I went and joined them. The game is slow to level and easy to die but for some reason I am completely addicted to its old charms, for me its like comfortable sweater – sure you need an upgrade but its so warm and cozy so why bother.

Totally out of my comfort zone I started a warrior and have been tanking dungeon groups. Because deaths happen and one mistake can lead to a wipe most people are fairly easy going when it comes to deaths – as long as no one is being stupid there hasn’t been any sort of agro. Not that I have caused any group wipes but still its nice to know that the slower pace of combat, the longer time to recover and team focus is making for a much nicer group experience.

I also made a cleric, a magician, a necromancer, a bard and a wizard. I havent leveled many past 5th level yet but here is a picture of my cleric sitting on a hill, waiting for mana to return. 😀

Screenshot 2015-05-26 14.16.03


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