Bravely going backwards

My current project is a female orc from world of warcraft and its been a nice learning experience seeing where my mind tricks me into seeing something as I want it to be not as it is. I had finished the outline and was beginning to detail things when I was struck with the fact that it wasn’t lining up in the correct proportions.

I was left with the most terrifying tool in my toolkit – the eraser and with a few deep breaths I removed a days work with some vigorous rubbing. The next draw went the same and had the same result – better but still was lacking correct posture and dimensions. The main trick is that the character is actually standing a little side on, enough to throw out the details if I wasn’t careful.

So after many hours of going backwards I manged to go forwards a little but not anywhere near finished – although I am still hoping to get it done by next Sunday.

First outline
2015-06-11 20.24.21

Second outline – changed shoulders to match new gear
2015-06-12 18.38.00

Third outline- changed head to match better
2015-06-14 09.56.00

Detailing head

Adjusting head – adding new weapon from character update.
2015-06-13 20.22.03

Restarting from 80% erased
2015-06-14 09.56.00

After my eraser fun I decided to grab some of the kids crayons and mash out a quick 5 minute art that couldn’t be erased. I was playing with the layering to see if the crayons will blend nicely – for the most part that was a no but I did manage to use the white crayon to blend all the colors together. It made me want to go out and get some oil pastels as well as the water color pencils to play with.


And finally some 5 minute art sketching

Weeds against wall
2015-06-12 14.01.46

Concept sketch of jeep thingy for @Simchaandalts
2015-06-10 11.22.14

Not my art but the highlight of the weekend was making it out to a little township just under an hours drive from here to see @artymicheline exhibition. It was exceptionally good – her artwork is a riot of emotions and movements, colors and feelings all captured in abstracts. In the flesh they were amazing – I could have spent hours there just seeing details and letting my writers mind run away into the fantasy landscapes it created. If you haven’t had the opportunity then check out her work at

Finished another chapter in my book2 progress is a little hit and miss atm – everyone here has been sick with the winter lurgies so I’ll use that as an excuse.

I have also been working on my sci-fi rpg game – the first playtest went really well with everyone able to make interesting, fun characters and leap into the action without much delay. A few tweaks to the system to make it even more entertaining. I will try and run another playtest on Monday.

My cleric in everquest reached level 12 – I am still loving the sit on my butt, meditate and then throw a heal, rinse and repeat. The contrast in healing between the breakneck pace of my holy paladin in world of warcraft and the sedate healing in everquest is such a strong contrast. interestingly enough the grinding of mobs in everquest has rekindled my ability to grind daily apex crystals in wow.

In warcraft my lovely guildmates came along with another round of gear so my ilevel is now 653 which is a lot better than the low 640 I was healing in Blackrock before. Looking forward to seeing if I can make a bit of an impact with my heals now.

So that was my week – fairly lazy but with a few creative bursts and an exceptionally cool Saturday.


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