Orc Complete, Strange Winter Weather & Spring Dragon

Its winter here. Although its been really hard to tell. We have had such mild weather that some of the trees have started flowering, only to be caught out by a cold snap that has pushed temperatures into reasonable frost range. For us its meant a reduction of heating bill that’s really nice and also the ability to get the kids out of the house and into the dirt a bit more than we can managed normally.

I finished my orc warrior drawing and started on the next bit of art – a dragon made from vines, weeds, fungi and flowers.

So the orc scanned.
orc warrior

And although I haven’t finished the dragon here are the work in progress pictures. So far its been a lot of fun and I will try and convert it into an adult draw line art once its done.

Very early concept sketches
2015-06-18 14.05.10

And Vines
2015-06-15 10.23.04

Base sketch

Starting to transform into vines

Expand out to wings

Detailing down from wings

Drawing down into the body and second wing

Drawing down thru the body into the limbs
2015-06-21 10.28.02

So I should finish this in the next week or so – will add details and then begin working on the line art.

Still working away at book2, my poor characters keep on going from bad to worse situations – I am sure they will cut a break soon before sliding down into more chaos 😀

I picked up a bit of Archeage play time. After listening to @belghast on his podcast and hearing him speaking of the fun once you get into the game a bit I decided I would give it a second go. I have to say that I am having a lot more fun this time around. It could be because I am use to grinding mobs in EQ that I have a lot more tolerance for bad quests and grinds in other games 😀

Everquest wise I started working on a newbie rogue – so far its been a lot of fun not to have spells to worry about but I am still thinking my cleric will be my main. My fellow guild mates have far more time to play than me so they tend to start alts while waiting for me to level up – they are all sitting about 20 while my main sits at 12. Still loving the meditative game play of sit, kill and chat.


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