So Many Scales

I finished off my dwarven cleric with mixed results – bit I like bits I don’t like but that is the nature of drawing I guess. The more I draw the more I want to be better at drawing and obviously you can get overly critical on yourself if you are not careful. Its important to be self reflective but not too harsh.

Anyway here are the stages I went through to build the cleric. I think I might try do a week of Dungeons and Dragons characters sometime soonish if people are keen?

Starting scribbles

I wanted to make her an older dwarf with wild, crazy hair.

Started refining and working on details

2015-07-05 15.31.22

2015-07-06 18.35.10

Adding more details


And the final scanned dwarf
Image (6)

I completed my next dragon for line art – oooh so many scales!!

I will add this to the line art page too 🙂
Image (5)

Not a lot to report here – I am continuing to write book2, crossed the 60k word count and things are speeding up towards what looks like some very messy conclusions for some of the current story paths. I never get enough time to write but thankfully most of the house hold is well so I can recover some energy myself!

Online gaming I have unsubbed and uninstalled World of Warcraft. I found that outside the raiding I was completely disconnected with the game now and paying to play once a week seemed like a bad investment in my time. Without that commitment I can invest the time back into writing which was calling to me much more than WoW did.

I broke the news to my guild over facebook as there was a thread of others leaving the game so posted into it. I felt really bad that I was leaving them without a healer but as the off tank just quit I think, sadly, they have more problems than my bad healing to replace.

I also activated my Wildstar account – I picked up the game from humble bundle and thought that I would potter about in it. So far I have got to level 5 with a psi character. The game is okish and the amount of dodging and weaving I feared I would have to do out questing doesn’t seem to have come to pass. The danger of active combat is that when I feel like being a blobby, click and watch kinda of player (which happens most mid week gaming sessions) then having to dodge stuff seems far to much like hard work!

The graphics and world are solid and the story is not at final fantasy 14 level but its passable.

And finally in online gaming we have been continuing to enjoy Everquest. My duo buddy @Simchaandalts and I put the evil necromancers to one side to concentrate on catching up my other guild mates. We went into Crushbone dungeon for the first time and had a successful night of slaying orcs. I managed to get my rogue to 9 and she managed to ding 10 with her wizard. Once she is 12 I will continue playing my cleric and we can head across into Unrest dungeon.

I have also started a first edition advanced dungeons and dragons game with my Monday night roleplayers. I have been digging into my old storage boxes and pulling out dusty tomes with bad drawings on them with great excitement. After much consideration I decided to set the players off into the Moonsea and start with TSR9238 – FRC1 Ruins of Adventure.


Normally I dont bother with pre-published games, having been GMing since I was 11 (so that’s 33 years of gaming) I can put together a game campaign without any issues but I decided for my and their amusement to run some of the classics. I have a mixed group with some seasoned rpgers and a bunch of newer ones so will be interesting to see how they find things.

The pre-gen game is set in the city of Phlan and follows the story setup in the old TSR computer game made by Strategic Simulations, The Pools of Radiance Theses were my favorite games to play when I was a kid(ok adult too) so its going to be a lot of fun!


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