Much Watching, Little Playing

To be honest I am in a bit of a “what game do I play” funk. For sure its a first world problem but still its making a mess of my limited game time.

Everquest is still there, enjoying the time I get to play it so its more to do with a secondary game. Maybe the problem is that I dont have time for a second game but my gamer brain says “must play all the games” which was fine when I wasnt writing a book, editing a book, drawing lots of pictures, working full time, raising 3 kids, trying to spend some time with my partner.

So because I couldnt settle on things I had a few goes with many things.

This is a really interesting concept, I cant help but feel that its ideals are much greater than its implementation. For all the cool things the generic feeling combat and generic feeling classes leave me wondering more “what if” than “wow cool”. The art style is ok, definitely a cute idea having classical Greek/Roman like gods mixed with tech but the actual questing and zones feel disappointingly short and small. It may open up later on but its hard to get to later on when this is my first impression.

Marvel Heroes
I ducked back into this game – it is a lot of mindless destruction at my level but again its not something I find very sticky. I managed to level up a few times with Scarlet Witch and she is a heck of a lot of fun. Tbh Marvel heroes does a fantastic job of making everything you do fun (except inventory space!)

Path of Exile
PoE had an expansion so I made a new Templar – still very early days but PoE is my top pick for ARPG. It does seem that the tempest level adds some cute additions to the game and that the drop rates of gear seems a lot better for newbies. If for some crazy reason you haven’t checked out PoE I recommend it highly.

I cancelled my sub to Wildstar – the game itself is solid but I cannot find a class or race that I find more than a passing interest in. The two faction and limited starting zones feel tired and overdone to me. Even although the races look differently that (at least at the start) is moot when you get tied to the faction story – perhaps what I really need is a sandbox fantasy game.

Book 2 is kicking along nicely, some more surprises and some more sadness for my main characters – I do know how the book ends but I have no idea how my characters are going to survive to get there!

Have been working on a dwarven wizard. I am trying my best to improve my skills and take more time on details and flow of my art. Also trying to make sure things feel like they have depth and texture. There are lots of bits I like in this art and a lot of “will like to improve that next time.” still my art is very much in its infancy so I am just trying to stay positive and keep working away at things.

Starting Concept

Refining part 1
2015-07-16 16.42.13

Cleaning up lines & add face
2015-07-16 20.23.50

Adding details
2015-07-17 17.18.21


And final WiP for now. (oops got the wrong one first post)


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