Ratonga Finished and Back to Book Edits

I’m on holiday next week so I hope to finally make it to one of the local art supply stores to pickup some water color pencils and more paper/bigger paper.

In the mean time I am still having a ball on Everquest and Everquest2 and continued on with my Ratonga sketch. Ratonga have to be my favorite race of any game. Not only do they have neat style they also have a cutthroat lore and society.

Hopefully I did the Ratonga’s proud with this sketch.

Scribble continued.
2015-07-27 17.15.44

And the Ratonga finished.

As well as the Ratgona I have been continuing with converting one of my dragon sketches into line art – still along way to go as this sketch has a lot of details to be converted.

2015-08-02 13.18.10

As mentioned above what little MMO game time I have has been spent in Everquest(2) which has been about an hour this week. I tried to go gather some teir2 crafting mats but to my delight Antonica has been reverted back into the dangerous heroic ^^^ gnoll zone I use to love. Still it made me reconsider solo harvesting.

Other than that I have been watching a lot of dota2 – The Internationals has begun – with a prize pool of about 16 million dollars this is the top yearly competition for dota2.

Editing book one has been going well – knocked off a chapter and it is feeling a lot better. The break has done good things for my critical eye and this edit should have the book in a good solid state. After my edits I am sending the chapters off to my partner who is kindly doing a copy edit on them – one of the great advantages of going out with an english major.


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